Freshman Fart: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Trash Comic


Hello comrade! Is good time to review a new comic, yes?


Comrade Micah was recently introduced to something from publisher of comics called Devil’s Due/1First Comics. Is called ‘Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and The Freshman Force’. Is totally not propaganda comrade! Is a totally legit book of the comics! Pay no attention to negative things said about it! If you are too negative, you will be thrown into gulag, comrade!


Freshman Fart - AOC's Trash Comic Book

Micah Curtis

Micah Curtis

Micah Curtis is a former video game journalist who has appeared on Blistered Thumbs, Techraptor, SuperNerdLand, and Truthrevolt, and focuses his Youtube channel on the nerd subculture, politics, and the growing intersection between the two. He focuses on the politics surrounding the art industry, the importance of keeping the market free, the rights of the people involved, and (of course) the games, movies, television, and so forth that we all enjoy.