Frank Miller’s Superman Bags a Mermaid “Under the Sea”


In the second issue of Frank Miller’s new re-telling of the Superman story, Year One, we find Clark Kent entering Navy Boot Camp. As one would guess it, Clark has to go to great lengths during boot camp to avoid revealing how easy he finds the whole experience. Still, those in charge take note of Recruit Kent’s amazing abilities. One drill instructor in particular watches Recruit Kent walk into the nearby harbor; as it turns out, the instructor already knew that mermaids inhabited that lagoon. Soon we see Superman finding the favor of Lori, the mermaid daughter of the God, Poseidon. 


Time passes, and now recruit Kent is training with the Navy Seals. But, wait! What’s that? Trouble on the horizon. Terrorists dressed like extras from 1001 Arabian Knights have taken over what seems to be a nearby oil tanker. This seems unlikely as all Navy Seal training bases are, to my knowledge, in the United States. Piracy has not been committed in close proximity to United States waters since 1812, but it seems to be making a comeback in Year One. But, fear not, citizen. The Navy Seals are going in and taking PFC Kent with them. As one might guess, they easily neutralize these terrorists since Superman in on their side. 


But, petty officer Kent was not perfectly responsive to orders in the face of the possibilities of mass casualties when one of the terrorists attempted to detonate a grenade. Superman saw no reason to retreat from such a paltry threat, and felt that preventing the detonation of the grenade was the best way to protect lives. For disobeying a direct order and saving the lives of all aboard the bridge, Clark Kent receives a discharge from the Navy. That’s right. The Navy decided to kick a super-powered human out of the service for not obeying a direct order in the face of danger and saving lives. No credit or grace was given him for his status as a literally green recruit. 


Clark Kent wants nothing more to do with this collection of nearsighted losers, and quickly walks straight into the nearby ocean to go fishing for mermaid tail. Soon, he and Lori the mermaid are kicking up the sand deep into the night and keeping all the saline away with their screams of ecstasy. But, Lori doesn’t want too much frolicking outside of wedlock. So Supes has to go before the great lord of the sea Poseidon to ask for his daughter’s hand in marriage.  I can’t imagine a better son-in-law than Superman, but Poseidon wants his daughter to eventually be HIS bride. Thus, Superman finds himself in the middle of a fish Bermuda love triangle with has Poseidon unleashing the Kraken. 


Superman scores mermaid tail in Year One by Frank Miller


Preston Poulter

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