Flashback Review from the Multiverse: Brave and the Bold 17 & 18

Continuing with my Marv Wolfman written Raven review series I talk about a follow up to the DC Special Raven mini series where Raven and Supergirl team up to both deal with each others Daddy issues but ALSO the daddy issues of a young man. The problem with the young man? His father is Triumph…the Insult Comic Dog? Nope! The greatest DC hero that never was and kinda never should have been depending on who you ask.

It’s from November and December of 2008, Brave and the Bold, and the artwork, by Phil Winslade, is so much better to Damion Scott’s artwork from the Mini, so is it better than that book? Well in a lot of ways yes but in some ways the artwork has its own weird moments.

(Flashback) Reviews from the Multiverse: The Brave and the Bold #17 & 18

Robert Willing

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