Film Reviews With Robert & Ingrid: Sonic The Hedgehog (Spoilers!)

Shorter version: This movie is Way, Way, WAY, past cool!


Let’s get the spoiler free part of this review out of the way: GO OUT AND SEE IT! If you’re a Sonic fan this movie is an instant 10 out of 10! And even if you’re not a Sonic fan, this movie is still great, even for the whole family!


Spoiler talk going forward. Ingrid and I LOVED this movie! We went in excepting it to be good, but came out wowed and amazed! Ben Scwartz as Sonic is spot on! He is right up there with previous Sonic voice actors, Jaleel White, Roger Craig Smith, and Jason Griffith. He nails it! And I have to say that the redesign for sonic was perfect! Throughout the entire film, I really felt like Sonic came right out of the games!


And folks, Jim Carrey STEALS THIS MOVIE – and you don’t mind! He’s back to top form in this movie and at his best as Dr. Robotnick! He strikes a perfect balance of being a dork who you don’t take seriously, and a legitimate threat that you should be worried about! He really epitomized the character!


James Marsden was also very good as Sheriff Tom Wachowski. As the main cop of a small town, he kind of wants to leave it because he feels more like a baby sitter. He wants to help someone in a life and death situation like a cop actually should, and he eventually gets his wish thanks to Sonic. Marsden really plays off of Sonic in a very believable way and the chemistry between him and Tika Sumpter who plays his wife Maddie is so adorable and equally as believable.


There are even shout outs to the other Sonic games like Echidna’s (Knuckles People) attacking Sonic in the beginning, causing him to come to earth. Sonic’s back-up world to jump to if things don’t do well on Earth is clearly Mushroom Hill Zone. And the town they’re in is called Green Hill. There are so many!


And there are good explanations for things like why Sonic needs to be driven to where he needs to go; he has no idea how to GET to where he’s going and he can’t just zip around all corners of the earth hoping he’d find his destination.


Great comedic tone, spectacular action, and top shelf special effects, along with not one but TWO Quicksilver style moments that are so well done! The pacing is fast and always moving, never stopping, only slowing down a little when necessary.


And the post credits scenes are what launched our scores from 9/10 to instant 10/10! Seriously guys, I can’t say enough, go see it! Check out our detailed review below.


At the Movies with Robert & Ingrid: Sonic The Hedgehog (2020) (Spoiler Review)

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