Featured Character: Perpetua (and her Sons)

The Monitor and Anti-Monitor! The DC Universe’s biggest Good and Biggest Bad! Since Crisis on Infinite Earths we’ve known these two brothers have waged war! With the Anti-Monitor brought back since Sinestro Corps War people always wondered when things would get serious! Granted Darkseid War happened, but something LARGER is upon us!

After introducing the Dark Multiverse and the World Forger, the third brother to the monitors, during Dark Nights: Metal, Scott Snyder would take things a step further and reveal…Perpetua! The mother of the three brothers and true creator of the DC Multiverse! Just not as we know it!

Today I’ll be taking about this family of the DC Multiverse and why I love them so much! How much Scott Snyder has expanded the lore of the DC Universe, and how the new details truly expand even the two brothers in ways we never thought of!

What I Think About: Perpetua (and her Sons)

Robert Willing

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