End of Year List: Robert’s Top 5 Favorite Comics of 2019

As 2019 draws to a close, it seems like the perfect time to compile my Top 5 comics of 2019, while taking a few fun pot shots at comics I didn’t like.


#5: Christopher Priest’s Deathstroke which ended this year. This was a fun run that fixed the character after Nu52 threw him through the wringer. Slade is NOT a good man, and Priest never tries to make him one. (He tried to make him heroic but even then it was doomed to failure)




#4: (TIE) Superman: Year One & Batman: Last Knight on Earth! Both Black Label books and both I feel really handled the characters well and had amazing artwork to boot.




#3: Jim Starlin’s final Thanos Trilogy! This was a fantastic read with amazing artwork by Alan Davis and Mark Farmer. An amazing story that closes the door for Thanos as far as Starlin is concerned, BUT it does leave things open for Adam Warlock to step up again.




#2: (TIE) Cyberfrog: Bloodhoney & Earthworm Jim: Launch the Cow! Hands down these are the two best crowdfunded comics I received! Both were amazingly drawn and very well written!




#1: Doomsday Clock! Geoff John’s nailed it as he wrapped this story up! #12 alone would be the best comic of the year! Cause it makes it clear once and for all what makes Superman so special and why being an inspiration is sometimes better than just being relatable.




Happy new year everyone! Read more comics!!


Top 5 Comics of 2019

Robert Willing

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