DC Comics’ Damned #3 is Another Win For DC! (Spoiler Review)

‘Damned’, DC’s premiere Black Label comic featuring the dark knight, has been unfortunately and infamously been labeled for the ‘batawang incident’, and then fans of the book had to deal with issue number 3 being pushed back. With these concerning problems, I must admit that I was a little nervous to see how it was going to turn out.

As the first comic on the Black Label, I have to say I think it was done extremely well from the get-go, and I credit how well this story is told, and with an epic ending (and possibly new beginning?) I could not have guessed this outcome and I was blown away. 

In my video below I review the comic in its entirety, so spoiler warning for sure!


DC Comics | Damned #3 | Getting High Off Helium!?!

Tristen Just

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