Cyberpunk Comic Book ‘Neon Future’ Succeeds at LCS Premiere

Los Angeles creative team Impact Theory features an unlikely pairing for a comic book: Tom Bilyeu is a nutrition and fitness entrepreneur and Nick Santonastasso is a motivational specialist who did not let being born with no legs and a single arm define who he was or what he could do. This duo took a complex cyberpunk plot and successfully monetized it through a comic book sold in local comic book stores. I have not been able to find them on Kickstarter, Indiegogo, or Patreon meaning the privately funded the production and marketing of the book with the sole intention of allowing distribution sales through Diamond be how they recouped their investment.


This model strikes me as risky, although Tom Bilyeu no doubt has the money and business know how to pull it off. But it is rare for a creative team with no name to succeed through a local comic store distribution model when all the major players have been struggling for the last three years. I think I may want to listen to their motivational podcast now.


The book itself uses the tropes of cyberpunk to explore the essence of self and belief. The story follows protagonist Clay Campbell, an anti-tech crusader, who opens the story receiving a mortal wound. His body is recovered by the tech infused resistance fighters, Neon Future, who decide to use technology to bring him back to life. When then follow this fish-out-of-water character as he has to confront what he has become and the shifting alliances that result from his inability to return to his old life. 


Cyberpunk comic book Neon Future succeeds through traditional LCS model

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