Crowdfunded Comics Review: Richard C. Meyer’s Iron Sights #1

Hey guys, just trying to get back into my proper groove and what better way to do that than to review some of my crowdfunded comics backlog! To start with, I’m going back to a book we’ve discussed long ago, and while one of our reviewers here did a review, I never did a proper review of it and I think I should before I review the second installment. So here’s Ya Boi Zack’s first volume of Iron Sights and tomorrow I’ll be discussing the follow up Iron Sights 2 Psychos.


This is a story about two men with one goal, but different motivations. Ramadi is a former Marine who, in trying to save a girl about to be executed, inadvertently starts a border war! And Woods, a cynical veteran in his own right, comes home and ends up saving Ramadi after he gets himself in too deep. Together the two decide to bring down the cartel. And it happens to be the same cartel Woods used to work for!



What transpires is a pretty much a grind housefilm in comics form as we get action, witty talking scenes, violence, and much more! It’s well told, and very straight forward. The amount of characters isn’t overwhelming, they all look distinct, and when a main character dies later on in the book, there is a proper build up so it feels like it makes sense. As you maybe can sense, I may have had issues with Iron Sights 2… we’ll get to that tomorrow.


Overall this was a great first, proper release from Ya Boi Zack and one of the earlier crowdfunded releases of a comic in the “comicsgate” community. While the interiors were black and white, it was not a bad start at all, at least in my opinion. Highly recommended.


Crowdfunded Comics Reviews: Iron Sights: A Full Review

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