Crowdfunded Comic Reviews: MAGALorian: Wall-Might: First Term Part III (Spoilers)


Talk about going out with a Bang!


I just got the Digital copy of the Wall-Might Gold Standard Omnibus which includes the grand finale MAGALorian: Wall-Might: First Term Part III. Where as My Hero MAGAdemia spoofed Anime, and Wall-Might: First Term Part II spoofed Western Comics, MAGALorian ends things with spoofing Star Wars and it couldn’t have been more perfect!



An unknown amount of time has passed between First Term Part II and now as the Deep State has unleashed the Sanctuary Smog (Made of Pulverized Blue Pills) causing Wall-Might to wear the MAGAlorian armor if he’s to protect Baby Liberty, the personification of the American Dream! What does he have to protect the child from? Why Supreme Minority Leader Schmuck, Darth Bader, and…the Planned Parentroopers…yeah they go there.



What transpires is a lot of action, jokes, pop-culture references…and a WHOLE Lot more Trump than just Wall-Might! And it brings everything to an epic sized close! There is also a great side story that deals with loose ends left dangling as we see the adventures of the GOP-lin Slayer! Who is this armored figure? Well watch and find out.



The artwork from Tim is amazing as always, especially one of the finale pages in particular, and Mark Pellegrini’s writing is funny and spot on as always! I can’t think of a better way for them to end things with Wall-Might! I can’t wait to get my physical copy AND I can’t wait for Black HOPS Volume 3 and Kamen America Volume 2 to start campaigning.


Crowdfunded Comic Review: MAGALorian: Wall-Might: First Term Part III (Spoiler Review)

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