Crowdfunded Comic Reviews: Kamen America Vol 3: Homeland Insecurity


I’m back again with an all-new crowdfunded comics review! This time the long (not THAT long) awaited new volume of the Iconic Comics line of books, Kamen America Volume 3! The first to be issued in a hardcover edition too!




Picking up not long after the events of Volume 2, Carley, Misha, and new recruit Kimiko are starting on an upswing. No longer worried about wanting the full blown recognition Carley feels they deserve, instead they start to take what they get, which is a very positive attitude.




But thing start to escalate as Lansky, Carly’s form manager, continues to push Vermilion Masquerade (the monster creator) and Kamen UN (Carly’s High School Rival turned Super-Hero Riva) until they finally come to ahead! And at the same time, one member of the Kamen Corp is starting to feel very left out and they decide to finally get some answers. And *boy howdy* do we get some… including the reveal of who Vermilion is…! And, I’ve gotta admit – I DID NOT SEE IT COMING!!






Way to go guys. The writing and artwork continue to improve with every installment of this series and I can’t wait for the Black Hops x Kamen America crossover!



Crowdfunded Comics Review: Kamen America: Vol 3: Homeland Insecurity (Spoiler Review)

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