Crowdfunded Comic Review: USAssassin Vol 1: Old Habits (Spoilers)

Happy “independents” day! Yes, indie comics are hot right now, particularly crowdfunding comics. In celebration of these, I’ve been reviewing several of the Mark Poulton crowdfunding comics this week, culminating into tonight’s video where I’ll be talking about the bonus book given out to Graveyard Shift Vol 2 backers as part of a stretch goal! It was a free copy of USAssassin by Poulton with Mike McMahon (who also did the third story on the GS Supplemental book).



Mark, a long time fan of the American Ninja movies, wanted to tell a story of where the American Ninja would go to next, so he created his own take, the USAssassin, and told that story! And good lord does it have that 80’s movie feel with 90’s EXTREME Comic action!


Former Government Super Age Joe Knight, aka USAssassin, takes a job with a private security firm made up of other Meta soldiers. He thinks he can just relax and not have to worry. Unfortunately this new team are the “Don’t care about civilian casualties” types and that causes Joe to quit…which even more unfortunately puts him and his family on the Firms hit-list! His family is abducted and the team he trained, save for the awesomely named Bazooka Dog, backstabs him! Now he has to fight his way through them and retrieve his family! Can he do it? How many bullets will be shot and how much blood will be spilled by the time he does? Well watch and find out



This was a VERY Entertaining read I cannot recommend enough! Mark is planning on doing a limited run campaign for people to receive the extra copies of the book! When it starts I hope everyone backs it cause this is THAT good! And Mark has assured me Vol2 is already in the can and ready to go for the next campaign! I cannot wait!


Crowdfunded Comic Review: USAssassin Vol 1: Old Habits (Spoilers)

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