Crowdfunded Comic Review: Sea Dog & Codename: Killswitch (Spoiler Review)

Hey guys, I’m back again with a new batch of crowdfunded comics to review for you readers! And this batch has a common thread… they were all written by Mark Poulton, best known for Graveyard Shift (of which I’ll also review)




For my first video review, I’m going to go over and review Sea Dog and Codename Killswitch! What the heck is this book you may ask? It’s a combination of multiple creations by Mark, his son Chase, and artist Clint Hilinski!  Sea Dog is a dog who, after his master Peter put a necklace he found around the canine’s neck, turned him into an anthropomorphized dog who now lives two lives! One as C-Dawg, world famous rapper, and Sea Dog, an all powerful super hero whom C-Dawg hates for ripping off his name (Yeah…how many human sized dogs exist in this world? LOL)



Codename Killswitch are a team of metas who work for the government to hunt down Lord Shikari, a man who’s organization abducts metas and sell them on the black market. They are made up of Cyborg-soldier Soldier 7, Deadpool-level snarking gunman from the future Crotch Rocket, genius intellect rock bruiser Tundra, Harley Quinn looking bad ass assassin Rebel, and alien warrior Stormborne! They are eventually sent to rescue a young female meta named Neon who eventually joins the team.


All the while Sea Dog gets roped in and the two must team up, especially when Shikari abducts Peter! What we get is an insane 90’s image throwback (which seems to be Poulton’s specialty) which great action, fun characters, and absurd (yet charming) dialogue that’s a great read from beginning to end.


Crowdfunded Comic Review: Sea Dog And Codename: Killswitch (Spoiler Review)


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