Crowdfunded Comic Review: Kamen America Vol 1: Stars & Strife

Hey guys! I’m back from a long hiatus with another great crowdfunded indie comic! Timothy Lim and Mark Pellegrini are back again. man, these guys chug these things out fast without any loss of quality! This time they’re introducing readers to another new comic heroine, Kamen America!



Carly Vanders (who does that sound like?) was a girl who was told that girls should do more guy stuff and not do so much girly stuff, but she ignored that advice (with some encouragement from her dad). She made her way into a fashion modeling career, but after a strange incident involving a meteorite granted her the ability to transform into a blonde bombshell with amazing powers, she decides to become a superhero! And she’s named…WARHEN!


Yes! This is the same character we saw briefly in their Wall-Might First Term Part 2! Soon after a falling out with her media company (they wanted to “push an agenda”),  she took off on her own and became Kamen America! This leads to her first major battle in her new identity against a Russian equivalent of herself. This sets the stage for an amazing action sequence, and there is plenty of action in this book, before wrapping things up with a hint off to a future crossover with another Tim Lim creation!


All in all, this book is pretty damn fun! It’s not nearly as political as their Wall-Might books, but it still focuses on America’s culture war using some great satire, and exception art work, as always from Tim Lim. Pellegrini’s writing is spot on and I can’t wait for future adventures! If you’d like to grab a copy for yourself, the team has launched an Indiegogo and you can get it digitally for $5 and a physical copy for $10 if you go here.


Crowdfunded Comic (Spoiler) Review: Kamen America: Vol 1: Stars & Strife

Robert Willing

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