Crowdfunded Comics Review: The Case of the Littlest Umbrella



Hey There! Time for a new crowdfunded comic review and this is one I’ve been very excited for. ThatUmbrellaGuy taking his cute little daughter’s crazy stories and translates them to comicbook form with help from some great artists!



What we get is three (four if you count the ashcan) cute little adventures with ThatUmbrellaGuy and, more importantly, The Little One herself. The first story, drawn by Keung Lee, features TUG, as a supernatural detective, being sent on a supposedly simple mission. As he goes, his daughter follows behind. No sooner do the two meet up, then they find out the mission wasn’t so simple as an Old One type creature is involved! It’s creepy hi jinks as the two try to stop the creature!



The next three stories are all done by Peter Gilmore (on both art & writing) as we focus more closely on the Little One. The second story deals with a lost dinosaur friend of LUG who finds its way home. The next (and final of the main book) involves TUG and LUG escaping a dinosaur island! And the Ash Can story features LUG finding the mysterious Goodie Bird and trying to defeat the Queen RenfaMouse!



These are all adorable stories that I recommend to anyone. I hope TUG does more of these in the future!


Indie Comic Review: The Case of the Littlest Umbrella

Robert Willing

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