Crowdfund Comic Reviews: Bigfoot Bill Vol 1: Shadow of the Mothman (Updated)


Hey guys! Back again with a crowdfunding Two parter! I just received my copy of Doug TenNapel’s Bigfoot Bill Vol 2: Finger of Poseidon! And along with it, I also received the extended edition of the first volume which includes material from the Making Of… book (including the Poseidon prequel adventure) with several new pages and even some tweaked dialogue.


Because many of those new additions factor into the story told in Volume 2, I’ve decided to do a slightly revised review of the first book and go back over the introductory adventure of Bigfoot Bill as he escapes the Crypto-Zone, steals the finger of Poseidon, befriends the Kraken, and fights off the Mothman! And, most importantly, we find out how Poseidon was captured, how he got the powers of other gods, etc etc!



Crowdfunded Comic Review: Bigfoot Bill: Vol 1: Shadow of the Mothman Revised Review

Robert Willing

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