Comic Review: TMNT The Last Ronin #1


The comic opens on one of the turtles on the outskirts of a dystopian city with heavy Blade runner vibes. We don’t know who the turtle is, but they are stern and clearly world-weary. The turtle’s inner thoughts are plagued by the constant voices of his brothers and their input. As the comic continues he infiltrates the walled-in city the way only a ninja can. Using grappling hooks to scale walls and shuriken for the various cameras he sneaks pas the wall and into the city.



This is where the pace picks up from 0-10 as the stealth is dropped in place of quickly moving into a tower at the center of the city. He steals a motorcycle and pushes forward in a frontal assault on the front gates of the upper-class portion of the city. so we’re shown that the city is separated by districts with the major difference being wealth and technology. All the while he continues to displays the skills that have historically made the mutant brothers skilled fighters.


Still, no clue into the actual identity of the turtle though. It is hard to pin down. He is proficient in combat like Raphael, smart like Donatello, agile like Michelangelo, and determined like Leonardo.  This is also where the story set’s the tone and reinforces it. This turtle fights and kills the security standing in his way as he crosses the city and up the tower of his destination. With all the mayhem slowly ramping up in the turtle’s wake we are introduced to our villain of the story; Oroku Hiroto. This is the farthest I can go without spoilers and I don’t want to give any because the surprises in this issue are too great to spoil.





The start of a story that has some serious potential. If they can pick up on the more brutal elements of the original comic, but scale it to this futuristic world than this is set up to be one shell of a revenge tale. It’s built off the years of conflict between the turtle clan and the foot clan so there is a history to dive into for those who don’t know as well as the now missing years that led up to this point. The appeal of this story comes in the delivery of the concept. a tale of revenge.


In this first issue a glimpse of the lengths that the turtle is willing to go to for revenge. The issue also ends by highlighting how serious this task is taken by the turtle. It’s not gritty or bloody for the sake of edge, but out of necessity. When blood shows up it carries with it the weight of actual damage and harm.  I highly recommend this title if you are a fan of revenge tales and the TMNT. it’s a blending of the two and well worth a read.

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Micha Sivad

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