Comics Review: The Waters Darken in “Agent of Spectre” #3


In James Bond: Agent of Spectre #3 Bond struggles with the fallout of the previous issue’s shock ending, and all bets are off. Double and triple crosses and being in bed with the enemy – sometimes literally – are the order of the day. Has Bond truly become no different than the members of SPECTRE he’s now working for, or does he have a master plan that can work against impossible odds?



It’s safe to say that this issue has put to rest any doubts that Christos Gage knows how to handle a dive into the waters of Spectre. Last issue Bond fell and in this issue he rolls into it and comes out on top. From a shoot out, a shag, and a loyalty test this issue is dripping with intrigue. The best part of this comic is how it brings a new light to the previous issue. What seems like jumpy writing and a sudden acceleration of events is laid out to be a master stroke move by 007, which will only make sense once you’ve read Agent of Spectre #3. It’s also worth noting too that James is one cunning bastard.


In terms of Spectre’s portrayal, it’s top notch. A fear I had going into this was that the mystery and threat of this organization would be lessened, but I am glad to say I was wrong. How powerful and connected they are is demonstrated by how much they know. It’s not overt and flashy.



Final Verdict 

A nail in the coffin to my doubts at the start of this venture into the waters of SPECTRE. If you haven’t started reading this, then I suggest you give it a try. You can grab this issue and others here


Micha Sivad

Micha Sivad is a self-proclaimed DC fanboy and geek, but with a soft spot for the whole of comics. He grew up on the east coast in D.C. and has been visiting the same LCS since getting into the medium at the age of 14. When not hatching his own fan theories on the Venture Bros and reading the latest releases, he's writing new joke material as a stand-up comic. Follow him on Twitter @michasivad.