Comics Review | Red Sonja: Worlds Away: Volume 5 End of the Road

Sharks. Ogres. Witches. Gods. Vicious Beasts. Treasures. Swordplay. Thieves. And a Musician. This Red Sonja Volume truly has it all. Following the conclusion of her quest to restore Skath to his rightful place as ruler, Sonja is back on the road of  journeyman. Selling her sword and righting wrongs where she can.




This is one of those volumes that brings together a lot of talent in an almost anthology like fashion. With Amy Chu, Erik Burnham, and Alex Chang handling chores as writers and with art handled by Carlos Gomez, Johnathan Lau, Roberto Castro, and Pasquale Qualano. Does all this talent work well though, or do their styles clash? I can answer confidently that it all works well together.  The beginning continues where the last volume left off to conclude the story. After that, we’re on a series of adventures as Sonja travels alone; left thinking about how the quest to return Skath ended.

Without spoiling anything, it’s a real existential cliffhanger.



After the initial story, each writer tells a tale of their own. Well, each except Alex Chang, who was writing with Amy Chu on his issue. Given that this volume is ultimately a collection of one-shots, it kind of bums me out that he didn’t write a story of his own. However, this is still a very strong collection, and perhaps the best part is the constantly changing art. Each step Sonja takes is organically set apart from the last and with a constantly changing style which keeps you on your toes as a reader.


My favorite highlight though is watching Sonja encounter magic. She often talks about hating magic and you see why in this. Perhaps the only real weak spot in this volume is the final story. Sonja displays a ruthless nature that, given the circumstances you’d think is unnecessary. However, maybe it’s in her nature to do such a thing and the She Devil with a sword will not fight her nature.



Final Verdict

This is a fun diverse collection of adventures with our red-headed barbarian that would be able to stand on it’s own as a single volume, if it weren’t for the first part picking up with the previous volume left off. Highest recommendation. Get it here.


Micha Sivad

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