Comics Review: Marvel’s Star Wars TIE Fighter Lands WAY Off Target

Marvel Comic’s Star Wars TIE Fighter comic book miniseries treats the readers with the same dismissive tone that the reader would experience as an Imperial Pilot. As human beings, we seek to maximize each other’s time and attention, for we do not seek to impose. But, what if nothing we did made any difference at all? What if we could be rude, or polite, or loving, or murderous. And none of it made any difference?


Welcome to the world of TIE Fighter. Where you, dear reader, are the target of the message of your own insignificance. You, dear reader, are not worth the time to concoct a meaningful story with real stakes; not when you will settle for far, far less. How about a story with insignificant characters taking meaningless actions in the pursuit of an entirely futile purpose? That is the real of existential terror that is Star Wars TIE Fighter, and you dear reader, are the target…


My review in detail below:


TIE Fighter disappears into obscurity leaving major story marks unhit

Preston Poulter

Preston Poulter

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