Comics Review: Iron Fist #1 – Did Danny Rand Just Get ‘Fisted’?



The title of Iron Fist has been passed on may times over the generations, but the one that people are most familiar with has now passed the torch… or has he? Marvel Comics just launched another new Iron Fist series, but this time without Danny Rand as the titular character. In this new series we get a new story and character, but rather than the usual way Marvel shoves a new character into a previously held role, this one actually has an interesting story.



Demons are attacking cities around the world and they have a connection to our new hero.  Our new character has a Iron Fist but he does not possess the power in the traditional way and it may be killing him. Here’s what Marvel says:


“WHO IS THE NEW IRON FIST?! After giving up his power to save the world, DANNY RAND believes he’s seen the last of the IRON FIST… …But when DEMONS begin to attack cities around the world, a MYSTERIOUS NEWCOMER in a FAMILIAR MASK appears, hands blazing with the CHI OF SHOU-LAO THE UNDYING! Who is this NEW IRON FIST? And does his power really come from the DRAGON OF K’UN-LUN… Or from something far more sinister?”


If you’d like to know whether or not this series is worth your precious time and your money, please watch my video review below and find out.


Iron Fist #1 Review - Did Danny Rand Get Fisted?


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