Comics Review: Elvira Meets Vincent Price #2

Elvira meets vincent price #2


Elvira and the Ghost of Vincent Price continue their quest to find a lost cult movie… AND save the world from the wrath of an awakened Egyptian god. Their journey takes them to the crumbling country estate of a reclusive film director and his movie-star bride, but things go all Dr. Phibes before you can say House of Usher!




The fun of this title comes through loud and clear with the second issue. Without spoiling too many jokes and moments,  David Avallone goes very tongue and cheek.  But the humor aside, the overall story marches on and much like the first issue, Vincent gives Elvira, and by extension the reader, more background for this world saving journey, While it’s interesting to learn of this long lost film with a magical history, it’s far less interesting than simply enjoying Elvira and Vincent engaging in banter and film talk.



Avallone is writing a far more interesting duo than a story. While the story has found its legs, it isn’t any more engaging than it was when initially introduced in Elvira Meets Vincent Price #1. No cliffhanging ending to this issue though as the antagonist is promptly beaten by Elvira’s quick thinking and hands off attitude.



Final Verdict

Elvira Meets Vincent Price #2 doubles down on the humor and self awareness. The jokes about director cuts and story structure land perfectly every time. Even if you aren’t a fan of Elvira or Vincent Price, the humor in this comic alone will keep you coming back. With issue #2 it is clear that this title is indeed a fun read that I continue to highly recommend. 

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