Comics Review: Dynamite’s Green Hornet (Vol.3) Issues 1-5


Dynamite’s recent 5 issue story run of the Green Hornet follows the masked crime-fighting superhero  and his sidekick Kato as they search for one of Britt’s missing science journalist; Candice Carbajal. The story begins with Carbajal’s disappearance after looking into a report about a space rock that crash-lands in Kanas. The pair soon discover a new threat to mankind once the search leads the duo through an increasingly bizarre and dangerous series of events from a missing journalist to aliens.





Scott Lobdell has managed to write a story that captures humor incredibly well. Without missing a beat, this 5 issue story captures a sense of humor about itself and the events that take place that match the constant escalation. The core of the story is the mystery surrounding Candice’s disappearance, but it’s wrapped up in funny dialogue and moments of brief action that constantly keep you going ‘what the..’ There isn’t really a lot of action in this story, but the action that is present serves as the story’s pivot points and a laugh. In his head, Britt sounds like a grizzled noir detective, but outwardly he’s a fun guy joking around with Kato. This also serves as a form of humor and good banter. There is a small continuity error between the dialogue in issue one and five, but it doesn’t affect the overall understanding. 



The art by Anthony Marques and J Bone captures the fun of this story well. The primary colors are black. White, and Green. The level of detail fluctuates though. Sometimes there is a background and sometimes there is no background and the characters are just up against a white panel. This doesn’t harm the story as much as it keeps you reading without paying too much attention to the art.



Final Verdict

This is a funny story that doesn’t take itself seriously and if you’re looking for a good laugh, fun action, and clean art, these five issues will give it to you and won’t hurt your pocket in the process. But if you’re a comics reader that doesn’t like a lot of humor, this series may not be for you.



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Micha Sivad

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