Comics Review: Cody Fernandez’s Jack Irons: Steel Cowboy Delivers



Jack Irons: The Steel Cowboy” is a science fiction western set across history with a main character who is over 200 years old and has well over 2000 years of past life memories. Cursed in a past life with the burden of immortality in his next, Jack struggles to find the peace that will forever be denied him.


Cody Frenandez has created a vast, interesting, science fiction/western world with Jack Irons: The Steel Cowboy. The genre typified by shows like Firefly, shows readers a future that celebrates the rugged individual and the need for vigilante justice in vast areas of remote, planetary wilderness. Into this realm enters our hero, Jack Irons. The story is excellently crafted. It accomplishes the layering of many story elements. Jack Irons moves through this world as a kind of demigod, which is typical of many of the gunslinger heroes of old. 



Watch the video below for my detailed review.



Review of Jack Irons: Steel Cowboy, Issues 1 and 2

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