Comic Spoiler-Filled Review: ‘The Meg’ by Mike S. Miller

This weekend has been a big surprise! I’ve just received not one, not two, but THREE new Indiegogo comicbooks! The long awaited comic adaptation of The Meg, Jawbreakers: G0D-K1NG, and Earthworm Jim!


Therefore, I plan to not only review all three books, I’m also gonna throw in a spoiler-filled review of Jawbreakers: Lost Souls as well (Since my last video on it was a spoiler-free one)



Adapting the novel by Steve Alten (and deviating significantly from the movie adaptation), J.S. Earls and Mike S. Miller give us a Shark Tale that’s exactly what you’d expect but at the same time…it’s not.


Now the big question is, What is a Meg (a.k.a. Megalodan)? To put it simply, it is a huge prehistoric ancestor of the modern day shark. So how has it survived for so long? By living in a small heat bubble near the bottom of the ocean!


What makes this tale so interesting is that since they’re not using a traditional shark but one that’s been long believed extinct, we get the usual scientists want to capture it and study it…but for once this is on the GOOD GUYS side!


The characters are all interesting (even if I didn’t care for some of them, they still had fleshed-out personalities), Miller’s artwork is top notch, and the story is very well paced! I highly recommend it if Mike does succeed in making this book available in LCS or you can grab the Kindle version or paperback on Amazon here!


Reviews From The Multiverse: The Meg (Spoiler Review)

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