Comic Reviews: Sonic the Hedgehog – Bad Guys


Sonic the hedgehog Bad guys


Sonic the Hedgehog has been one of IDW’s most popular titles since it’s launch in 2018 following up the Sonic Forces video game, But does this 4 issue spin-off capture the same spirit that makes the main series so popular?



Sonic the hedgehog: Bad Guys picks up following the Metal Virus saga. Dr. Starline, a villain inspired by Dr. Eggman and former assistant to the doctor, forms his own villainous team. A team consisting of Zovak, former leader of the deadly six, Rough and Tumble; mercenaries who once worked for Sarline, and Mimic; a former Eggman elite mercenary.  All of them are brought together by Starline with the promise of power and a fresh start in life. Unbeknownst to the now freed villains though, Dr. Starline has his own plans for them and is only using them to get to a greater end goal than just forming a small team of villains.




One of the things that make the main Sonic comic so fun and popular is that it manages to capture the fun and adventurous spirit of Sonic and his friends. The storylines are full of action, humor, and finish arcs strong. Ian Flynn, the writer, manages to bring that into this Mini-series. Every issue gives you enough information from the previous comic that you aren’t confused and concludes in a satisfying end, but still open to the greater story being told. The personalities of each cast member shine through with the dialogue. The high points of the series are Jack Lawrence’s art and the colorwork by Leonardo Ito. the action flows from panel to panel in such a fluid way that you can see it in your head as you’re reading and the facial expressions of every one give a great sense of emotion. Ito’s color work really pops when it comes to the action sequences and he gives every character an eye-catching look to match the personality. The way this team works together on the main sonic series does not falter in this mini-series.


Final Verdict

This mini-series is a great addition to the larger world of IDW’s Sonic the Hedgehog. Beyond the solid writing, fun art, I think it contributes to the greater world of this series and gives Bad Guys more depth. I highly recommend it for all ages. Kids will enjoy this because it is fun, light-hearted, and easy to digest. Adults will enjoy this as a breath of fresh air from the often serious and dramatic tone of comics these days, while still getting some interesting characters and action.

Micha Sivad

Micha Sivad is a self-proclaimed DC fanboy and geek, but with a soft spot for the whole of comics. He grew up on the east coast in D.C. and has been visiting the same LCS since getting into the medium at the age of 14. When not hatching his own fan theories on the Venture Bros and reading the latest releases, he's writing new joke material as a stand-up comic. Follow him on Twitter @michasivad.