Comic Reviews from the Multiverse: The Incredible Hulk: Last Call

I’ve always been a major Hulk fan! I love the jade giant and for my money’s worth no creator has defined the character as well as Peter David did! He had a very long run on the character which sadly ended on a bittersweet note when Bruce’s wife, Betty Ross-Banner, died.


Another creator that was so recognized with Peter David’s long run was artist Dale Keown! This is a guy who really excels at drawing giant muscular characters! To celebrate Marvel’s 80th anniversary, Marvel has reunited many of their classic creative teams and I was happy that one of those reunions was Peter and Dale and they got to tell a tale set not long after their epic run – which made it perfect!


Bruce is still reeling from Betty’s death at the hand of the Abomination to get back at Hulk. It’s Christmas time and he’s having suicidal thoughts…to the point where he’s hired a hit-man to take him out, but he makes one last call with a a suicide prevention hotline to see if someone can talk sense into him.


This is actually tear jerker of a one shot as PAD shows he still hasn’t lost his touch! You can really feel Bruce’s pain! And there’s still plenty of action for Dale to show off that he hasn’t lost his touch either!



Reviews from the Multiverse: The Incredible Hulk: The Last Call

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