Robert Reviews Comics: Jughead The Hunger vs Vampironica 3 & 4



Hey guys, to make up for lost time I’m going to post my earlier video for issue #3, and then my latest video so we can cover the most recent two issues of Jughead The Hunger vs Vampironica. If you’ve been following any of my “Reviews from the Multiverse” series, you may have caught my previous review of issue #2.

With issue #3, we’re at the halfway mark of this Archie horror crossover and it’s a breezy read that feels like the adventure is still only just now getting started! It’s not that it’s a bad read, but it’s just way too fast paced and there’s still not enough plot progression. Hopefully the next three issues will handle things well. But on the bright side we DO get the (brief) fight between the two main characters in the title!


Reviews from the Multiverse: Jughead: The Hunter vs Vampironica #3


Then there’s the penultimate issue and we get so many answers as to the actual CAUSE of this entire event! And it’s made very clear…this is not a case of some big baddie being behind all this. (SPOILERS) It was just an accident that got out of hand and the heroes need to reverse it! Yep! That’s pretty much it! A lot of talking, but unfortunately not a lot of action. Hopefully they can wrap things up in a satisfying manner next issue because, man this series has had some wonky pacing…

Reviews from the Multiverse: Jughead The Hunger vs Vampironica #4

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