Comic Reviews from the Multiverse: Black & White: Vol 1

Tonight I wanted to review the latest Indiegogo crowdfunded comic book project I received, and this one is Art Thibert’s Black and White Vol 1 Remastered. Black and White was a comic that Art and writer Taylor Grosso created for Image way back in the glorious 90’s – and it shows, but not at all in a bad way!



This is a 90’s image comic through and through! The story focuses on Reed Blackett, a retired British MI-10 agent turned businessman, as well as Whitney Sung, an heiress to a brewing company who has a knack for getting into trouble and kicking ass!


Together the two try to save Whitney’s uncle from J.C., a man formerly known as Jake Chang (but who can’t be the same man cause Jake is dead, just roll with it) before he can use his incredible tech to forge an militaristic alliance and use it to take over the world!


Like I said, it’s 90’s Image through and through, but it truly is well made! Come check it out my detailed take on Black and White!



Reviews from the Multiverse: Black & White: Vol 1

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