Comic Reviews: Christopher Priest’s ‘Vampirella’ #15

Vampirella #15
Vampirella #15 cover



Being outed as an extraterrestrial vampire by her ex-girlfriend has left Vampirella, previously known as Ella Normandy, cooped up in a hotel as hundreds gather below to see the myth made real. While secluding herself in the hotel from the masses below she is visited by two female spirits. Their visit introduces Vampirella to the world of the astral plane and the realm of the consciousness. They come with a request of our lead vampiri; Vengeance.



I’d always seen Vampirella on my LCS shelves but never read it. So I’m coming at this as a complete baby to the realm of Vampirella and her history. This being my first reading of the series though couldn’t have left me more intrigued about the character and her life. 



Christopher Priest helms the writing on this. To say that he is a veteran of the comic book industry would be an understatement. He’s written for some of the biggest titles in the industry and continues to prove why with this issue. He starts with an introduction that sets the stage for previous, current, and future events. You will know how and why Vampirella is in this position and it doesn’t require a ‘story thus far’ page or unneeded exposition. Presented as a conversation and taking up limited pages to start we know where she is coming from. Then we move onto the contained story of this issue.


While there is more going on with Vampirella and her mother this is a nice self-contained story (something we rarely get in comics these days). There is a nice start and finish to this issue while containing some mild action and concise dialogue. Mr. Priest takes us through the world of what Vampirella is capable of and shows us that mysticism and science aren’t as separate as many would believe them to be All this while never taking the reader out of the story and keeping it progressing. We also get to see her personality and I feel like I have an understanding of who she is even without being a long time reader. This is the kind of writing that melds a greater story with a one-off adventure fluidly is something that can only come from a veteran like Priest.


Madibek Musabekov is the artist and Francesca Cittarelli is the colorist. The astral plane, outside of certain things, is black and white. The astral plane panels highlight Madibek’s art without colors, but the shading brings the astral plane to life. Vampirella’s clothing is the only color here so the contrast is jarring but eye-catching. Outside of the astral plane panels, Francesa does such a great job on the colors and shading that it brings the world to life more than just the art. It creates depth and lighting that brings the environment into play. It’s more than just dramatic shades of light and dark. The mixing between the black and white of the astral plane and the color of the world create a nice experience that you are indeed switching realms. Some series don’t switch the art or color like this and it’s boring. This does and it serves the story well and creates a better experience for the reader.


Final Verdict

If you are looking for a new comic to pick up, but don’t know where to start then this is the kind of issue in a long-running series for you. I recommend it for anyone looking for something new, but unsure where to start. You get an idea of the world, character, and situation. All this while also having no pressure to buy previous issues to understand fully. Want an interesting one-shot that you can hop on a series with and a new take on vampires? This is it.

Micha Sivad

Micha Sivad is a self-proclaimed DC fanboy and geek, but with a soft spot for the whole of comics. He grew up on the east coast in D.C. and has been visiting the same LCS since getting into the medium at the age of 14. When not hatching his own fan theories on the Venture Bros and reading the latest releases, he's writing new joke material as a stand-up comic. Follow him on Twitter @michasivad.