Comic Review: UltraMega #3 is Bloody Good Fun



James Harren is the creator, writer, and artist of Ultramega, with Eisner award winning colorist Dave Stewart. In the world of Ultramega, a cosmic plague has spread and transformed everyday people into violent, monstrous kaiju. Only the Ultramega—three individuals imbued with incredible powers—hold the line against this madness.



Noah was supposed to continue the Ultramega legacy, fighting monsters on behalf of humanity…but that was before the Kaiju Klan. Now, Noah must fight for his life in the Koliseum, and no human has ever left it alive.

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UltraMega #3 Impression

So far, the Ultramega comic series has spent the first two issues giving backstory and setting the world up. Now with issue 3, the ball is rolling and the readers know as much as we need to. With that said, the execution of this issue is visceral. Writer, artist, and creator James Harren pulls no punches. In terms of writing, I think it’s a lot more focused on Noah and we’re seeing his character and personality expand from his actions in previous issues. The manga sensibilities of Harren begin to shine through in this because, like many a Shonen hero, Noah is all about the action in the Koliseum. He’s driven, believes in something, and above all else wants to help others.


Noah goes through so much emotionally in the arena that it’s a helluva ride to read. The most surprising part of this issue though is the amount of dark humor. There have been gags and playful moments previously, but in this issue, it’s as if Doug Stanhope wrote some of these lines. Does the action keep up though? Without a doubt yes. It’s bloody and intense. So ultimately, Ultramega #3 delivers on the action and so much more.



Final Verdict

For the price, this is worth it. I highly recommend it. Not just this issue, but grab the first two issues as well because this is a truly original take on kaiju and heroics in a dystopian world. Above all else, this comic is good because it’s something new and original with that Shonen flair in the main character.


If you’d like to buy a copy of Ultramega #3 you can do so here or visit your LCS to see if they have it in stock.


Micha Sivad

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