Review: Superman #30 a Glimmer of Hope that Removes ‘The Bendis Stench’

Why do you read comic books? My name is Captain Frugal, and I often ask myself why I still read many of today’s comicbooks. I also occasionally wonder what it would take to bring me back to a book that I had dropped and quit collecting. The Superman comic series has had many highpoints in recent years, but it has also had just as many low points. And not too long ago, acclaimed writer Brian Michael Bendis was assigned to the book with John Romita Jr. on art and Bendis was effectively destroying everything that made the character and the book special to me.



Now the book is under a new team of creators who seem to be providing what I feel makes the character, as well as the book, special. This issue pairs Phillip Kennedy Johnson with his Future State: Superman: House of El collaborator, artist Scott Godlewski. In a world where comic writers seem to be single and obviously unaware of how human relationships work, this may be one comic that finally provides its readers with a glimmer of hope.



In this video, I’m discussing my reaction to Superman #30 and why it might be just what the Superman comics need to attract new readers and even bring back the ones that left.


Superman #30 Review - Removing The Bendis Stench



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