Comic Review Spotlight: Miles Morales: The End

Continuing my “The End” back-issue spotlight video reviews, I’m gonna talk about the first of the newest batches of The End one shots coming out this month! In this one we see how the second spider-man, Miles Morales, meets his end.


And sadly it is a generic ending. Basically Miles is the leader of the last safe haven of a post apocalyptic Brooklyn and he has to help defend off a bunch of mutated creatures and other humans (that unfortunately the writer has tried to give them an “Alt-Right” vibe).



Now that’s NOT to say there wasn’t SOME good to it. There was. Damion Scott’s artwork works pretty well in this book. Miles is written ‘in character’. And the whole affair gives a feeling of hope and optimism despite the setting. And Mile’s sacrifice makes sense.


The downside is that ANYONE could be put in this comic and it could play out the same way. This doesn’t feel like anything special to Miles unlike past The End titles. I hope the other ones coming out will be better.



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