Comic Review: Monsters are On the Loose in Latest Lady Mechanika Comics

Lady Mechanika Cover


In a Victorian asylum full of grotesque inmates, sadistic guards, and a fanatical doctor, a young lady wakes to find her arms and legs have been replaced with mechanical limbs. But who among this gruesome menagerie is the true monster of the Ministry of Hell? The origins of the notorious adventuress known as Lady Mechanika!


Impression of Lady Mechanika: The Monster of The Ministry of Hell #1


Lady Mechanika: The Monster of The Ministry of Hell is the latest arc brought to us by Joe Benitez, following the action-packed finale of the last arc; Sangre. Joe wastes as little time as possible setting up this journey into the beginnings of Lady. Previous arcs established her, her goals, and skills. As a reader we now know what kind of person she is and have a connection to her. In this, we see her vulnerable and the victim of atrocious experiments. The established connection creates a greater impact.



Benitez pulls no punches with the gruesome nature of her treatment.  A constant within this series has been the contrast between an elegant steampunk aesthetic and bloody action. That fades away in the start of this arc. It’s not elegant. It’s dark and claustrophobic with the panel layouts. He adopts more horror themes in this than previous. 


In terms of the implications to the greater mythos, this follows suit with the last arc introducing the supernatural. We saw vampires and an immortal avenger. Now we see the other monsters. Joe’s writing in this shows how he is leading the readers deeper into the world with the exploration of Lady’s origin. It’s slow, but doesn’t waste the readers time.



 Final Verdict 

I cannot recommend this title enough. It’s expansion on the world of Lady Mechanika and horror elements make this a genre clashing origin to the Metallic heroine.


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