Comic Review: Mirka Andolfo’s Red Sonja #1 (v6)

Red Sonja Vol6 #1



Industry icon Mirka Andolfo is bringing Red Sonja fans an all-new vision for the She-Devil With A Sword, in another new ongoing series from Dynamite Entertainment. Our story begins in a village on fire, set by members of the dreaded Three-Eyed Shezem. When Red Sonja arrives, the only survivor of the flame is a lively child with curious white tattoos. The child will become Sonja’s travel companion, on a journey from hardened ice to imposing forests, where dangerous secrets wait to be revealed.



Impression Of Mother, Part one

Mirka Andolfo starts off her Red Sonja run on a bit of a slow note. With some nonlinear storytelling at the beginning, readers are given the set-up for Sonja’s goal. Once established, the majority of the issue slow burns all the way to the finale pages. That slow burn though offers readers a look at Sonja in a more maternal light. Sonja has interacted with many people, creatures, and magical entities before, but when she is caring for a child it feels different and actually leaves you wanting more.


This is a Red Sonja title, so calling this story a slice of life would be wrong, but it dips it toes in through the middle of the issue. The art direction by Giuseppe Cafaro and Chiara Di Francia comes off as very neutral. The writing is a song, but the art doesn’t really carry along with it. Both are good, but nothing in this issue stands out artistically or catches the eye.



Final Verdict

Red Sonja is a title of action, but Mirka is starting off her run with far less action than Sonja fans have come to expect, and focuses on a more interpersonal touch between Sonja and the child. To some this may come off as boring and uninteresting if they are reading this for the action. However, it opens up a door for Sonja to take up a new position as a maternal figure.  I found it intriguing and would recommend this for anyone looking to see Sonja in a new light, but not so much if you’re more interested in the brutal action Red Sonja comic book fans have come to expect.


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