Comic Review: Jughead: The Hunger vs Vampironica #5

I’ve kept this video on the backlog for months now but I’m finally releasing the final issue of the Archie Horror Crossover! Jughead: The Hunger vs Vampironica!


In this issue we get everything resolved and so many questions answered! Who was the first vampire to come to America? Why is Veronica still a vampire? How can they reverse all this? The only question not answered is, obviously, “what happens next?”


This whole series has been a fun romp but this last issue feels VERY rushed! The conflict is resolved, but with no truly epic climax. Luckily, though there are a few legitimately surprising twists! And a new love triangle is formed!


So check out my full review below, and expect a review of the new Vampironica mini coming soon!



Robert Willing

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