Comic Review: JJ Abrams & Son Spin Gripping Tale in Spider-Man #1

J.J. Abrams collaborated with his son, Henry Abrams, to bring us this re-boot of Spider-Man. As a father myself, I find it quite touching that he could bond with his son this way to share his son’s love of comic books. Here we see something that has been lacking in mainstream comics for sometime, sharp writing talent. Of course, storytelling seems so obvious to the casual observer, but the behind the scenes people in Hollywood knew that J.J. Abrams had the magic touch to make projects become  profitable and compelling. 


In this comic, we see a Spider-Man I do not recall ever seeing: bereaved, out of action for over a decade, and minus an arm. He is the tired father of the child he had with his dear Mary Jane Watson before her until death at the hands of Cadaverous. 


My full review below:


JJ Abrams and Son spin a gripping tale in Spiderman #1


Preston Poulter

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