Comic Review from the Multiverse: Batman/Superman #1

I’ve always been a fan of the Superman/Batman team-up titles (which they’d go back to that but DC Comics feels like they HAVE to have Batman’s name first and foremost). So, of course, I was interested in this book.


Plus it has three things going for it:


1) It’s written by Joshua Williamson, the writer of the current Flash run and one of my favorite new writers. He really has a Geoff Johns style to his work, and it shows here too.

2) It picks up the pieces of The Batman Who Laughs mini series, and does so fantastically.

3) It sets up an interesting concept of the Batman Who Laughs ‘Jokerizing’ various DC heroes! Granted we now know who all 6 are, but it’s still interesting to see how it plays out.


Check out my review video below to see EXACTLY what I thought of the first issue of this brand new title


Reviews from the Multiverse: Batman/Superman #1

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