Comic Review: Elvira Meets Vincent Price #1

Elvira Meets Vincent Price #1


Elvira is back, with her most historic AND greatest costar ever! The ghost of Vincent Price is a spirit with a mission, and only the Mistress of the Dark can help! The Apocalypse is coming, and it’s going to be live-streamed for binge-watching, but a long-lost movie can save the world… if only the movie star specter and the horror hostess with the mostest can find it in time! Thrills, chills, and all sorts of terrible puns! The two titans of horror and comedy untie in comics for the very first time! Dynamite Entertainment Proudly Presents… Elvira Meets Vincent Price!


My Impression

First and foremost, Juan Samu illustrates a beautiful and iconic Vincent Price. It’s really an unmistakable likeness. Samu’s deft hand also captures the lighthearted tone of this story without incorporating too many cartoonish facial expressions. Walter Pereyra hits the mark with the tone by having a bright color palette to highlight the situations and keep a smile on the reader’s face. Together they create a great callback to the 1961 classic ‘the Pit and the Pendulum’.


The story begins with Elvira on the outs with the current entertainment industry and culture.




Her repeated attempts to reclaim her status as an iconic horror figure are used by David Avallone to bring up very funny observations about the industry and this allows Elvira to be cleverly self-aware. By the time Vincent shows up, the two engage in witty paranormal banter and industry quips which is only really possible thanks to Avallone’s excellent setup.  



Final Verdict

Splicing comedic commentary on the entertainment industry with a weird and whimsical heroes’ journey, Elvira Meets Vincent Price #1 is ghoulishly funny and cleverly self aware. I recommend this for a good laugh and an incredible reminder of Vincent Price’s (and Elvira’s) iconic expressions.


If you’d like to pick up this title you can do so here or check with your local comic shop.


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