Comic Review: Deadpool: The End (or How Do You Kill Deadpool?)


If you’ve ever wondered how the the Merc with the Mouth would meet his end and who would be the one to tell it? Well, it would obviously have to be the man who redefined him, Joe Kelly! But who would draw it? Why Ed Mcg…. wait no… Mike Hawthorne! One of Wade’s more prolific artists (sorry for the joke there Mike)!


But back to HOW Wade Wilson would finally go out. Well, the only way he can in a blaze of glory! How do we get to “The End” for a guy as nearly immortal as Deadpool? Total Obliteration!



And THAT is just the beginning! What happens at the halfway mark in this tale is a series of different ways Deadpool’s story could end and each one is funnier than the last! Until finally Wade has the last word on the matter, and that’s when it almost gets too ridiculous!



I’d explain more, but that would give away all the fun and I’ve got a gun pointed at my head by the Merc himself so I better stop talking, and let you just play the video below… oh wait… crap. He didn’t like me typing this so…



Hey Kiddos and Man-Kiddos alike! And if there are any babes out there, call me up some time! This is your old buddy Deadpool here telling you to check out my book. Staredcraft REALLY seemed to like it, so give it a look see!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a date with some chimichangas!!



Story Spotlight: Deadpool: The End

Robert Willing

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