Comic Review: Captain Marvel: The End (Carol’s Final Mission)

Marvel Comics fans got a BUNCH of the all-new “The End” titles this past Wednesday, and I’m gonna review the second of them tonight. I hope you caught my Deadpool review yesterday. Tonight’s review of Captain Marvel: The End was admittedly a surprise to at how good it was.



Yes, I said it. Captain Marvel’s final story was damn good! Carol has been out in space for the past 50 years and has ascended to be in her Binary form full time. She traveled the stars after Earth was destroyed in her absence, and then then one day she receives an alert from her old Avengers communicator.



Returning back to her home planet, she finds there are survivors who have been able to make due on the now frozen wasteland that was once Earth. Carol gets a warm welcome as everyone is so happy to see her. Now normally this would come off as “of course they’re happy for Amazing Carol,”  but given the context here it felt right.



After having defeated a large beast that had suddenly appeared before she descended, Carol soon comes to the realization that none of it matters as long as the sun is dying. What will Carol do to fix the situation? Will she succeed? Tune in and find out as I go deeper in my video analysis below.



Story Spotlight: Captain Marvel: The End

Robert Willing

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