Comic Review: Bettie Page & the Curse of the Banshee #4

Bettie page curse of the banshee


The pin-up queen of adventure is back! Dynamite Entertainment’s Bettie Page in “The Curse of the Banshee!” penultimate issue hits comic shops this week! Danger lurks at every corner as the Curse of the Banshee seems to consume our alluring hero!



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My Impression

As the fourth issue of this adventure is closing in on the end of the curse of the banshee it’s expected that this would be setting up for a big finale. The previous issue set the stakes up high and the banshee made her move to take Bettie’s life. This issue doesn’t hold back the tension though. Stephen Mooney wrote the last issue very, very well with a brief history lesson that brought the threat front and center. This deftness accompanied by Jethro Morales’ excellent art made it action-packed and thoroughly enjoyable. However, given the set-up from issue three, this should’ve felt like the clock was ticking on Bettie’s life, and that doesn’t come through like I felt it should. Throughout, Jethro draws a shifting dreamscape that jumps off from the horror in issue three into this magical realm. It’s quite engaging and the inner workings of Bettie’s mind make for a delightful and interesting sight. 


Where I felt this issue suffered was with Lyssa’s caretaking. Especially given the help Lyssa received thanks to a nosy neighbor. Through Jethro’s skilled artwork, we can see Bettie’s deteriorating state. A good physical representation of the clock’s midnight approach. Lyssa’s parts, outside of that, leaves you wondering what the point of it is when the real intrigue is going on inside Bettie. There is a jab at the patriarchy in Lyssa’s segment, but I’d dread to think Mooney dragged the issue down just for a weak political jab like that.


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Final Verdict

This issue does serve to ramp the reader up to the very climax of the Curse of the Banshee. While the meandering on Lyssa dragged things down a bit for me, it’s ultimately not what should be focused on. Despite that, Bettie’s climatic showdown with the banshee is the real feature here and there’s a good payoff. So I recommend this, particularly if you’re already invested in the story. This definitely isn’t a jumping on point though, If you want to really enjoy this horror adventure than start from the beginning as it worth it, despite the occasional meandering moments.



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