Comic Review | Bettie Page #5


Bettie is on the set of her first big feature film. On an island paradise with her friend and photographer Pal she was all set to make her big debut when among a sudden casting change, people begin to drop. WIs it the curse of the island? or is someone behind these terrible deeds. Bettie and her friend Pal finally figure it out. 




One of the things that makes a good murder mystery is how you can see the motivations for everyone to be the killer and the mystery behind it all. Karla Pacheco concludes her murder mystery in a very clue (the 1985 film) like fashion as the pieces all into place. Her characterization of Bettie as a young, energetic, and positive actress is a joy to follow. Even with the gruesome murders being solved Bettie stays positive and headstrong with Pal. It keeps the story light-hearted and this is why I liken it to Clue.


Vincenzo Federici’s art is okay, with nothing really spectacular to make have it heighten or lessen the impact. The facial detail though does carry a lot of emotion and stands out as the better aspect of it. The most interesting part of the art though is the color choice by Ellie Wright. Wrights’ colors keep the mood high and light which given the nature of the story is a new approach that is nice to see. Once again proving her talent. You’ve never seen a more dangerous and lovely island when Federici and Wright get together in this.



Final Verdict

This issue brings the mystery of Saint Gorda to a satisfying conclusion. There isn’t a mind-shattering twist, but it is a good look, like any good murder mystery at the motivations of murder set against a Hollywood backdrop.


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