Comic Crafters’ Corner: Tinseltown #2



“The Fall From Fame!”

Story: David Lucarelli

Artwork: Henry Ponciano

Lettering: HdE

“The Fall From Fame!”  carries us further along in Abigails’ story development as she is confronted with some of the more personal aspects of community police work.

She is forced to choose quickly and tactfully between public interest which seems at odds with one of her troubled citizens…

With her choice and the solution she pursues, she raises the level of respect and admiration the townsfolk have for the police and her in particular; while at the same time maintaining the dignity and privacy of one of the towns more vulnerable.

Her intelligent and compassionate move here solidifies the positive perception the public she serves has of her but also gives her a boost in confidence.

She is growing as a character and is beginning to feel that she can and might make a real difference doing what she considers to be real police work.

Emotionally charged scenarios have a tendency of draining your energy and like most hard working public servants, she takes an opportunity to let off some steam and socialize with her friends and perhaps meet some new ones.

Of course Abigails’ life and work seem irrevocably linked no matter whether she’s on duty or off. 

Our story winds it’s way into another mystery of sorts that our favorite heroine seems to be a magnet for.

How will Abby fare with a surprise that might serve to shake her confidence?

Pick up Tinseltown # 2 “The Fall from Fame!” and find out for yourself. And see my review of issue #1 here or continue with issue 3 here!


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INSERTS – Courtesy of David Lucarelli
ALTERNA LOGO – Many thanks to Dave Swartz

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