Comic Crafters’ Corner – The XII #2 Review



“Innocence Lost”

Creator – Patrick Trahey

Pencils/Ink/Tones – Luis Suarez

Lettering/Ballons – MaGnUs (Martín A. Pérez)

Colors/Text/Lettering – Peter Simeti

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Moving along in this great story, we find that a part of our group has split off from the family in refuge in an attempt to relieve the terrible events and circumstance we were left with at the end of issue #1.

This particular issue is very well written and paced in my view.

I find it very interesting that we have three crisis points here in #2

and that, in only 25 pages.

Survival choices provide the first bump on the road for our family. Cryptic revelations that have the capacity to undermine our little band the second and a surprise interference from outsiders provides the third. This makes for a very tension filled and exciting issue.

I wanted more pages to be honest. I’m not sure who is responsible for this but I was left hanging at a very good point in the story for the final page in the book and therefore I am glad that I have issue #3 sitting here waiting to be examined next.

I am hooked on this story and am already sorry that it will only encompass 5 books.

Hopefully this is only a start to further journeys

The same standards that I spoke of in regards to line work, shading, composition and lettering applies to this issue as in the first.

These guys seem to mesh/match very well for this type of story and I hope that they continue in partnership on this title.

The only doubt I had about this particular book in the series is that the cover for ” Innocence Lost ”  didn’t seem as strong as the others so far here.  I have a feeling that perhaps this was a way of giving us a sense of false expectation – in order that we may be pleasantly surprised when rousing moments do arrive.

“The foreshadowing on the cover has us with our pants down by the time we arrive at the critical moments and the choices our family is forced to contend with – and then – we’re masterfully hooked in again.”

If this was done intentionally and I believe it was, then I say well done to to Patrick for such a compelling narrative.

Very artfully done and of course this reality only has me wanting more.

The XII issue #3 review is coming this week. Issues 1-3 are on shelves now or can be ordered at

Thank you also to Peter and our friends at Alterna Comics for bringing such a great book to a wide audience.

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You can still grab the first four issues for only $1.50 a copy here. Issue #5 is at all the best LCS’s this month! And there is a Kickstarter going on now for the collected trade! Check that out here!

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