Comic Crafters’ Corner – Feast Or Famine #1


– Feast or Famine #1 –

Creator/Coloring – Dave Swartz

Pencils- Joseph Cooper

Lettering – Wes Locher






Feast or Famine is playful and makes some interesting use of historical personalities.

It has the feel of an old serial western or old adventure style comic.

The subject mater is presented by way of first person narrative, as if from a diary or someones personal notes.







The artwork paired with the story is serious, the lines are intentional, clean and even minor panels have an incredible amount of detail.








Some might consider the material to be dry history, however the writer and the artist have skillfully inserted and strive to convey movement in nearly every panel. Even in the shots of characters writing, the pencils seem to be vibrating.







Every eye reflects another thought



I was really looking forward to getting a look at this title since I had heard that it made use of some interesting and important historical figures.


True enough, here is a perspective of the relationship between two very famous inventors.



* I might add that a Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope would always be my first choice for an observatory instrument, sadly it wasn’t invented until 1939-40. 


Astute readers will recognize the pair right away

They may be familiar with some of the history

Strong personalities that made them so unique

This book walks a path that lies at the roots of comics history

I feel as though I’m thumbing through an old Golden or Silver Age Adventure tale





Finding fresh and innovative ideas to bolster interest in reading and among those readers is a difficult thing to balance.




These ingenuous individuals have chosen a direction that immerses readers in what used to be the core of the comic book industry.



Comics that informed its readers about a perspective or an issue they might not have considered.



Comics that would put out word of a current event. Something newsworthy not to be missed.






Some of the greatest comics used to help readers explore the world,

made a huge variety of folks familiar and comfortable with science…nature

Comics that made you think about history and adventure,

Escape to interesting and exciting environments

Meet unusual individuals



The greatest aspects of all of those things are found here  I am anticipating some zany and interesting adventure now that the background and tone has been adequately set.



– Issue #2 please –



Brought to you (soon) by the great folks @ Marv……




David Swartz – Promo Materials (with permission)


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