HBO’s ‘Chernobyl’ Reminds Us that SJWs are Worse than Commies

After my wife finished watching Game of Thrones, she asked that I keep the HBO subscription going so that she could watch Chernobyl, a docu-drama of the infamous nuclear accident.  She subsequently insisted I watch it, and it has left me with a few insights that I believe are germane in the ongoing discussions here at Bleeding Fool about comics, art and culture.


The first is that Social Justice Warriors have a lot in common with the nuclear disaster. After a series of blunders by the people in charge, they have made everything turn toxic.


Chernobyl (2019) | Official Trailer | HBO



This is because like Communists, the SJWs have zero sense of humor.  They police everything that is said to ensure that it meets their exacting standards of rectitude.  Those who violate their ever-changing norms are swiftly punished.  The goal of the exercise is not conversion, but compliance.  They want you to know your place and obey.


Of course, back in the day people often found ways to circumvent the rules and darkly cynical humor flourished behind the Iron Curtain.  One of my favorites: “In the Soviet Union the future is known, it’s the past that’s always changing.”


Long before Photoshop, the Soviets mastered the art of erasing history


The same applies to comics and entertainment.  Nothing is what it was.  Long established characters are constantly getting new genders, sexual preferences and races. 


The result is almost always a commercial disaster, but financial or artistic success is no longer the goal.  The true purpose is to completely reorder society by smashing the icons of traditional geek culture.


And this gets us to the difference between Communists and their spiritual successors who seek Social Justice.


While the Communists were ruthless destroyers of culture and enforcers of compliance, they also wanted tangible results for their effort.  Their massive armies of “wrong-thinking” convict laborers were used to build actual things.  Whether it was steel foundries, canals, or railroads into the trackless wastes of Siberia, the goal was always some material benefit for the Soviet Union as a whole.



Of course, this “ends justify the means” mentality created such horrors at the Road of Bones and – ultimately – the nuclear disaster at Chernobyl.  HBO’s miniseries pulls few punches in portraying the Soviet authorities’ utter callousness to human suffering in pursuit of their ideological goals.   Happily for us, SJWs are not (yet) sending people to the work camps, but they are trying to destroy their enemies’ livelihoods and creations.   And in too many cases, they have succeeded.


But unlike the Communists, SJWs offer nothing in replacement for it.  Their entire enterprise is to destroy or pervert.   Should they succeed, the artwork of countless generations will be consigned to the flames. 


I have seen the future and it is Brie Larson lecturing us sternly on white male privilege.  Forever.


I recognize that this is an uncharacteristically dark essay for me, but Chernobyl is not a cheerful show to watch.  H.P. Lovecraft’s short stories are more upbeat.


I will therefore close by noting that the war is not yet lost.  The SJWs are burning through their benefactors’ resources like the Empire goes through stormtroopers.  Each “woke” franchise that crashes and burns further depletes their dwindling coffers.


At the same time, adversity is providing a shot of creative energy.  The act of creation is no longer an incidental or carefree act, but instead something that is done with courage and conviction. 


The anniversary of D-Day is a timely reminder that other generations have faced similar struggles for freedom.  We are fortunately that ours is much less lethal than the one our grandfathers met on the beaches of Normandy three-quarters of a century ago.


But it is still a battle we have to fight, and a fight we have to win. 





Editor’s note:

A bit sad that the writer-creator of Chernobyl is one of the very SJW’s Alec is warning us about. As award-winning film critic Christian Toto said in response to the tweet below, “How hard is it to say, ‘thanks for watching my show?'”


Chuck Woolery & Dan Bongino a President Trump supporters, you see…

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