Casefile Arkham Vol 1: The Review

In March of 2015, before the days of Comicsgate, a group of independent creators ran a Kickstarter for an occult noir graphic novel. Casefile Arkham Vol 1 was a success. Fans clamored for more, and writer Josh Finney began planning volume 2. Now, finding themselves aligned with the comicsgate goals of professionalism and quality storytelling, Josh and co decided to run the Casefile Arkham Vol 2 campaign on Indiegogo, With eight days left, there’s still time to jump on board!

Watch my review of volume 1 below and consider picking up both volumes from the current campaign!

Casefile Arkham Vol 1: The Review

The year is 1946. The place is the most cursed city on Earth—Arkham, Massachusetts. These are the tales of Hank Flynn, a down on his luck private eye whose fate is inextricably tied to the bizarre and arcane underworld that exists in Arkham’s shadows. Haunted by memories of his time in the war and plague with visions of a nightmare world that boils at the edges of perception, Flynn must peel back the veil of reality& confront Lovecraft’s most enduring horrors—whether he likes it or not!

Click here  to visit the campaign to consider backing this project before it ends!

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