Can Writing Overcome Bad Art? A Review of DC Special: Raven (Video)

I love comics, and for me it’s mostly for the writing. Writing for me is the best part and I can tolerate bad artwork as long as it’s got good to great writing (however, mediocre to bad writing… yeah, what do you think LOL) and THIS is a prime example I always use.

Marv Wolfman did a solo mini series with one of his creations, Raven, telling a tale of her solving a murder before it could occur! Now normally the artist, Damion Scott, is a GREAT artist having worked on the Cassandra Cain Batgirl series, but here…either his heart wasn’t in it or he was only in it for a paycheck. Either way…it was a chore to get through this just on art alone.

But does the writing make up for it? For the most part yes. Now I understand that art, writing, music, is all subjective, but some art is objectively bad…

Hit that play button to see what I mean as I talk about DC Special: Raven!

Reviews from the Multiverse: DC Special: Raven (2008)

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