Blood Realm #2 (I Was Wrong About This Alterna Comics Series)

I recently reviewed issue one of Blood Realm where I was less than impressed. But after several members of the Frugal Force contacted me telling me to give issue two a chance, I took their advice and I read it.


Blood Realm is a dark fantasy tale set in a nightmare world filled with swords, magic, monsters, and blood. In this issue, the Sisters of Silence encounter a new companion as they fight for survival against ancient and powerful forces that threaten their perilous quest for the Black Heart.


After reading it all I can say is “wow”.


I have to admit that I was wrong. In this video I discuss issue two of this series and the reasons that I was mistaken. I am glad I gave this series a second chance, and I think you should as well. You won’t be disappointed that you did. 

Alterna Comics Blood Realm Issue #2 (I Was Wrong About This Series)

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